Hi there, I am Mi Zhang and go by Mi.

I was born and raised in China and moved to Sweden at 18. My passion for design started back in junior high with fan art — that's what got me into teaching myself all about Adobe Creative Suite.  I might not be fangirling over the same things, my passion for design has remained constant. I believe the essence of design is to provide suitable solutions for people with varying needs, and the challenge of creating within constraints greatly stimulates my curiosity and creativity.  I spent five years at Stockholm University, bagging degrees in Interaction Design and Design for Creative and Immersive Technology. During my uni years, I dived into loads of design projects, picking up skills in UX & UI, graphic & visual design, packaging, and branding.

I lean more towards goal-oriented thinking and set boundary.

When I first got into UX, I was all about nailing every step of the design process, trying to prove my designs were "perfect" by sticking to the book. But, real-life constraints made me overthink and stall. Can we ever get it perfect in one shot? Or isn't it more about making things better bit by bit, or continuously improving through iterative processes? I've realized it's all about knowing what you want to achieve first, then figuring out what you need to get there. It's about breaking down what's needed into specific goals and doing the best you can within those limits. And this isn't just for UX, it's pretty much how any design works.

Design is multidisciplinary at its core.

I don't really like to label myself as just a graphic designer, visual designer, or UX designer -  even if I have to sometimes when working in teams. I truly believe that having a wide view helps me be one of the key player in projects, connecting the dots between experts from various areas and clients.

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Stockholm UniversityMaster |  2021 - 2023
Design for Creative andImmersive Technology

Bachlore | 2019 - 2021
Interaction Design

Experiences & Projects

Part-Time Visual Designer

Oolong Teahouse | Food & Beverages Brand | Stockholm, Sweden
12 / 2022 - 02 / 2023

Content Creator Intern

Subsidiary of Phoenix TV | Cultural & Creative Agency | Remote, China
05 / 2022 - 11 / 2022

Booklet Design

Ribo Group | Fashion Group
10 / 2023

Publication Design
Citic Press | Publishing House
09 / 2023 - Current

Web Design
Marus | Fashion Brand
07 / 2023

Booklet Design
Music of china concert UCLA
06 / 2023

VI Design
F11/F. ELEVEN | Children Photography Brand
04 / 2023

Greeting Card Design
Tespo | Lighting Brand
12 / 2022

Full-Screen Scrollover Ads Design
BEIHUIDAO | Painting Course
07 / 2022

Packaging & Cards Design
Paopaoe Studio
04 / 2022

Product Poster Design

Hartmann |  Surgical and Medical Instrument Manufacturing Brand
04 / 2022

Packaging & VI Design
Steel Factory | Clothes Brand
03 / 2022

Digital Notebook Design
12 / 2021

Greeting Card Design
Tespo | Lighting Brand
12 / 2021

Publication Design
《故宫里的传统节日》 初稿 | 故宫博物院出版社 & 北京联合出版社
The Forbidden City Publishing & Beijing United Publishing
2020- 2021

Novel Page Design
Via Lactea & Yile Studio & Uei-Shiang & MeMob Culture Press

Publication Design
《掌门讲成语》 张腾岳  | 北京联合出版公司
Beijing United Publishing

Publication Design
《人生贵适意》 蔡澜  | 长江文艺出版社
Changjiang Literary and Art Press

Banner Design

ButterCam | Mobile App | Photography App