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Beihuidao is a group focused on watercolour painting education, aiming to offer systematic and comprehensive remote courses for art enthusiasts. Their goal is to help individuals swiftly acquire painting skills. This advertising campaign is designed to promote their Spring 2022 courses, featuring a series of online advertisements along with an offline banner, all aimed at attracting and engaging learners with a passion for painting.

The collision of geometric shapes and vibrant colors with traditional watercolor aesthetics.

Beihuidao, as an educational brand, aims to exhibit a youthful and stylish demeanor to attract an aesthetically discerning group aged between 20-30. This advertising campaign, with this goal in mind, utilizes vivid color combinations and creative yet legible typography in its design. This approach not only captivates the young audience's attention but also aligns with the brand's mission to present itself as an energetic educational entity.

Effective Organization of Information:
Ensuring Clarity and Structure

This includes a long image with detailed course information. The greatest challenge lies in clearly delineating different sections to ensure the information is easily readable.