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Steel Factory is an emerging men's clothing brand that draws inspiration from the interplay between streetwear and high fashion. The brand's name is inspired by the founder's father's work experience, showing a commitment to strong, lasting product quality. The brand embraces the bold spirit of urban exploration by offering men's attire that integrates minimalist design with the unapologetic attitude of streetwear. Targeted to those who seek comfort and durability without compromising on strong, individualistic style. In the initial stages, they aim to create unique brand recall by upgrading their logo and reshaping visual and packaging.

The concept: Titanium.22

Metal Titanium, is known for its incredible strength and longevity. The robust and versatile nature of titanium reflects the brand, epitomizing a blend of lasting durability and street style. The brand dedicated to delivering pieces that set trends while being durable companions for every life adventure.

Minimalist logo with scalability and versatility.

The logo upgrade by stripping away any superfluous elements, achieves a sleek and clean look. This minimalist approach ensures the logo's scalability and versatility across various mediums in future, while maintaining its distinctiveness and impact. 

The color scheme is inspired by titanium and the blue shade achieved after anodization.

The color scheme beautifully complementing the brand name. The labels feature a gradient transitioning from metallic white to vivid blue, echoing the brand's identity while infusing the packaging with a modern twist and an avant-garde style.

Cost-effective packaging system.

As the condition with a smaller order volume, I devised a packaging system allowing for the swift application of brand stickers to various box types.